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[NDS] Etrian Odyssey I & II

Post by chaltier on Thu Jul 03, 2008 2:24 am

Ada yang main game ini nda? Game yang susah banget tapi lumayan seru... Ceritanya kita jadi penjelajah dungeon dengan menyewa 5 explorer... Lalu tugas kita masuk ke lantai paling bawah buat Etrian Odyssey I, tujuannya lupa, dan lantai paling atas buat Etrian Odyssey II dengan tujuan menemukan Flying Castle... Gameplaynya RPG n lumayan unik... Kita gak dikasih peta sama sekali, tapi kita malah disuruh gambar peta dungeon yang kita jelajahin...

Btw, ternyata atlus ada bikin official manganya n ditaro di webnya... Nih wa copy paste deh... Salah satu sarana promosinya lewat manga, pinter juga...

Nih job2 yang ada... Kagak ditranslate, males... :p

No matter how strong my guard is, I have to remember... I can't protect the rear line with Front Guard.

I must be careful. The ones on the back line are often the ones holding the party's purse. Without their money, we wouldn't have a warm bed and soup at night!

I should learn Back Guard tomorrow... So I don't have to spend another night in this freezing stable.

Diary: I'm a landsknecht, and it's okay! I sleep all night, and swing my axe all day, chopping trees in the Labyrinth for a living.

The Guildmaster gave me a job to chop trees in the forest, and carry them back to town. It's great that I can be of help to everyone!

But... even landsknechts like me who carry axes don't have Chop skills! Would someone please tell that to the Guildmaster!?
Dark Hunter

Diary: My class is the one where we study our enemies, improve our skills, and hunt monsters in the most efficient way. My mom tried to stop me, but I left my family and village for Etria. I'm studying to become a world-famous Dark Hunter, the best there ever was!

Today's lesson was, "Make four bonds on the neck, chest, stomach, and groin, using your whip. After that..."

I'm kind of wondering if I really want to be world-famous... in this way...

Diary: My party was facing grave danger against a group of FOEs.

I hid so I wouldn't be noticed by the enemy, and stayed there until it was my chance to strike. It's a Survivalist skill, called Cloak, where we blend in with the shadows.

Luckily, the battle ended without me having to attack. I came out of the brush and congratulated my comrades. That's when our leader looked at me and said, "Huh...? You were here today?"

Diary: There's a bizarre restaurant on the outskirts of Etria. Jackson, the owner, is rather odd, and tries to involve alchemy into every one of his requests.

It's true that we alchemists are good at handling fire, but is meat cooked with the flames created from sulfur, magnesium, and benzene really safe for human consumption? I'd call it burnt meat, not cooked meat...

All I know is, I'm not eating it...

Diary: Quick healing spells, keen judgement, and precise movements: the medic needs all of those things to heal our allies. It's a very high-stress job, so I'm always exhausted when I come back from the forest.

Especially today... four caskets is a really heavy load to carry. I should hurry to the Apothecary and have Dr. Hoffman treat them.

Whew... another tiring day.

Diary: Sparks fly as swords dance, and the steel spurs create an unearthly rhythm. The battleground is a wonderful opera that can only be performed once.

In order to engrave this sight upon my memory, I gaze unblinking at the unfolding drama.

Ah, how could this be? My comrades fall, one by one. This beautiful yet sad scene is a garden of roses, blown away by the brisk outdoor wind--

W-Wait, I'm the only one left! What do I do now!?

Diary: Yesterday, I reached the town of Etria, and I've already registered my name at the Guild.

Class: Ronin
Specialties: Slashing, hara-kiri

So... Why haven't I heard from any interested guild owners? That one-eyed, bearded loser isn't slacking on the job, is he...?

Diary: I don't get it... The man at the Guild hasn't hired me.

I cursed him so he can't do anything but find me a party, so where's my party already!?

I thought not letting him eat or sleep until he finds me one would do the trick...

Hmm... It has been a week, I guess. I wonder if the man is still alive? Maybe I should have fed him, at least...

A gunner trains hard every day. There are so many techniques to learn. We must strike our enemies down with Weakshot! Heal our allies with Medishot!

Target our enemy’s weak points! Quickly reload elemental bullets! And when all else fails, use the Riot Gun!

But is our instructor really asking us to shoot the bananas out of an enemy’s hand…?
War Magus

The largest group that can go into the Labyrinth is five... Guild leaders consider many factors when choosing a party, such as offense, defense, exploration skills... But they always look down on us war magi, saying “You seem pretty half-baked. Healing warriors? There’s no place in my party for a war magus.”

But we can’t back down! To anyone who scoffs at our power, I have a handy retort: “But we have two weapons: Swords, Lore, and Staves!” Wait... two? Well, the more the better, right? That just proves how useful we really are!

The latest addition to our party is the loyal, lovable beast! Its strength beats hardened warriors, and its hide is tougher than a full suit of armor. They’re powerful party members, but… it’s still working on telling the difference between enemies and friends.

I hope I’ll live to see it graduate from obedience school…


All the lovely explorers who stay at my inn are like my own children! I’m proud to give them a place where they can get some peace of mind after a rough day. That’s why I put a lot of effort into refurnishing the rooms so they’re more relaxing!

Wake up, sleepyheads! You can’t enjoy the rooms while you’re dozing off! I’m thinking of installing a nice bathhouse, so I’ll need to raise your rates! Now go off to that Labyrinth and work hard!

Everyone gets hurt at some point in life… So if that is fate… No, because it is fate, I must use my power to ease their pain!

Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 is on sale soon! Preorder it today! Huh? Wrong game? Oh! Uh, 4 weeks until Etrian Odyssey II!

We get so many customers here! Lots of explorers come back from a rough day in the Labyrinth with many rare items to sell. I bring the items to my father’s workshop, where he tells me how much to charge for the things he makes.

But… I made a mistake the other day. I wrote down one too many zeroes on the price of a sword. B-But the warrior happily paid anyway, and I don’t think anyone notice… so don't tell anyone, okay?

This here bar’s a gathering place for any explorer with a mind to challenge the Labyrinth. But to me, they all look like baby chicks, still rubbing the eggshell out of their down.

For all yeh amateurs, I’m an endless fount of advice! I’ve watched countless guilds pass through in my day, and I know what I’m about. So listen well! To begin with, guilds are…

O-Oi! Where are yeh going? C’mon, listen to what I have to say! It gets better, I swear!

I oversee the explorers who come into High Lagaard. They come for many reasons: some seek their fortune, others are here to train themselves, and a few simply want to see the Labyrinth for themselves.

I have thought long on how best to advise them. Whatever I say, if it does not reach them, I may as well not have spoken. While deep in thought, I received a letter from one of the guilds, containing a marvelous piece of advice from a young explorer. I will dedicate myself to passing the message on to all explorers.

However, many give only blank stares when I repeat the message… perhaps I’m being too sensitive?

The Grand Duchy of High Lagaard, based in the Duke’s Palace, often commissions skilled explorers to take up missions. Some tasks ask them to map out difficult areas in the Labyrinth, while at other times we require their services to defeat powerful monsters. For those interested in leading a guild and commanding these explorers, we have issued a new official mission…

“Buy Etrian Odysssey II: Heroes of Lagaard today!”

We assure you that those who complete this mission will find themselves amply rewarded in terms of enjoyability and satisfaction.
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