Nintendo DSi!

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Nintendo DSi!

Post by YeongSoo on Fri Oct 10, 2008 4:23 pm

Nintendo Announces the Nintendo DSi!
A new DS revision!

About of the new DSi:
- No GBA Slot
- SD Slot
- Internal storage space
- Two built-in cameras (3MP & 0.3MP)
- Music player (seems like a built-in Play-Yan)
- Bigger screens
- Slightly thinner than the DS Lite
- Just ONE Touch Screen (Same as DS/Lite)
- Built in web browser
- "DS Ware" to be available for purchase (including free apps/games like the Apple App store)
- Will be available in Japan on November 1st for $179.99
- A new firmware and DS Channel/App interface
- Mii support on DS



nah ini baru info asli dari nintendonya Number 1
asik nih.. bisa poto2 Giggle

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